AQUARIAN is the first series of it's kind, a leap forward, and next step in the evolution of film's effect on human consciousness.


There is a magic that allows film to freeze a moment in time.


 This magic comes from the light sensitive particles of microscopic "silver halide" (50x smaller than a human hair). When these particles of film are touched by light, they transform from a state of unexposed darkness to a state of bright illumination


The more exposure to light, the brighter the particles become. 


In essence, during the process of shooting a film, the information a subject emits enters the lens of the camera. This energy is captured by the unique particles and is eternalized in intricate patterns of light


"the beautiful nature of Creativity"


Energy of Language

Both spoken and written words carry the spirit and quality of their creator. When we read or listen to one's words, the conscious thought of the speaker or writer is carried through the form of language; this then becomes unified with the listeners consciousness. This form of energy is nature's way of spreading information from one being to another. This gift has guided our planet through writing and storytelling for thousands of years.


Energy of Imagery

The sacredness of imagery is powerful. One's intention and essence is captured through the creation of their art. At the point of this imageries creation, "information" of the subject in that very moment is frozen in time, waiting to be integrated by a contemplative observer. We feel this essence clearly through looking at the photo of a lost relative or meditating on the image of a great teacher. 

Through Film we can harmonize these energetic forms of communication. 

With this energetic understanding and conscious approach to filmmaking...


 AQUARIAN will showcase ideas, teachers, and teachings through thought provoking language, eye opening imagery, and attentive sound design.


"A communication Re:evolution"


We began with the spoken word, then written, recorded, radioed, televised, and now online and accessible for all seekers


Today information is spread at the speed of light and in vast quantity like never before.


Over 1 trillion photos are taken per year, 72 hours of video content are uploaded every minute, and 6 billion hours of video are watched online each month. The vast majority of this content is created for simple entertainment


This new interconnectivity has not yet reached it's maturity.


 The ability to impart this much wisdom, curiosity, and quality information on this many people is unprecedented. 


This interconnected web has opened up an opportunity to spread one's message through filmmaking, not as entertainment but guidance and edification.


"The spark that leads to a wildfire"


People are looking for a truer understanding of the reality that surrounds them. 


In-depth teachings can only flow through teachers and students whom are consciously prepared to receive the given wisdom.


This is not to be a course on specific techniques or trainings but a beacon, lighthouse, and spark that leads to a question.  


The spark that ignites one's self-discovery and desire to...


 Explore a healing modality, become more conscious about food, step onto a yoga mat, find a fifteen minute window to meditate, or simply stop for the first time and reflect on their life.


It is our responsibility as teachers, influencers, and creators...


 To use all of the tools that we have available as a means of evolution and elevation for people seeking truth worldwide. By developing our unique being and connection to truth, we can use our artistic expression to evoke similar contemplation and insights in others.


Though the AQUARIAN series, let's fuel the current change that is underway on this planet as teachers of love and wisdom.


"A look into the Aquarian Episode Structure"


Our goal is to let the essence of the teachings be expressed through sharing life experiences, thoughtful storytelling, and dynamic filmmaking techniques.


3 Main Elements of Each episode


Insightful Interviews

 Interesting background on the teacher, where they began, who they are, where they are going

• Sharing stories, moments, and conversations that redirected their life's path

 Explaining their modality or practice, not the techniques, but the overall essence and practical aspects 

 Cinematic Cutaways

 Dynamic shots of the teacher in their natural element: daily personal practice, teaching students, healing modality and occupation

 Incredible time lapses and shots of our planet's elements. Capturing earth, wind, and fire in beautiful cinematic flow

• Beautiful aerials of landscapes, forests, sunsets and stars


Purposeful Post Production

 The story will come to life by weaving the audio and visual elements in a way that is compelling and thought provoking

 Sound design and song choice will compliment the cinematic visuals

 Creative editing techniques that will make this series both incredibly unique and aesthetically captivating

The FINISHED Product


Once complete, this 10 part series will be a seed for transformation, a spark of awakening, and available online for seekers worldwide.



About the Creator of Aquarian

"I'm a filmmaker using my art form to teach and inspire the next generation of creators."


As a young kid I'd listen to music with my headphones on full blast, imagining scenes and stories that fit together perfectly with all the amazing sounds I was hearing. Through these experiences I found my life's passion, creating films that engage the visual and auditory senses in ways that move people.


In the recent years, the same wonder that revealed my filmmaking passion has guided me to find mediation, yoga, qi gong, and healing techniques using sound and color. I wanted to begin using my fascination with sight and sound not to entertain, but to heal through sound and color therapy. Through new understandings but more often new questions, I felt that there was a shift happening in me and around me. It was time to take a step back from my current film career.


I took a year off from taking on new film projects and spent the majority of my time going inward. Through my daily practice, workshops, and retreats, I felt an inner transformation taking place. This re-awakening has lead me to a new space where I can see what has actually happened in my life, why it happened, and my purpose in this life as a soul.

IMG_0540 copy 2.jpg

This clarity and deep need to produce projects for a higher purpose has lead to the creation of AQUARIAN; The first of many projects to come on this journey of initiating as many sparks as possible in a...  

practical, understandable, and transformative way.


Through conscious creativity, we can produce art that brings transformational awareness to others wanting to evolve.
— Julian Melanson