Sat Devbir 

"The Crystal Healer"

Creator of The Crystal Academy channeled through Arch Angel Metatron, Sat Devbir is a yogi, purely intuitive, and holds crystal based retreats for students around the world. He is an angelic soul and amazing open channel of wisdom. He is in constant contact with many ascended masters, and higher dimensional guides.

Fabien Maman

"The Godfather of Sound & Color Healing"

Fabien Maman is a musician, researcher, and Qi gong master. He created the now famous system of tuning fork sound healing. In the early 80’s, Fabien conducted his revolutionary biology experiments showing the impacts of acoustic sound on human cells and their energy fields.


Bruce Davis

"The Heart & Pionner of the Inner Child"

Bruce Davis lives everyday though the heart, with love, and silence. Owner of Silent Stay Retreat Center, "one of the world's top ten meditation centers" by both CNN and Travel & Leisure Magazine. Author of The Magical Child Within You, The Calling of Joy, Monastery Without Walls, and The Love Letters-St. Francis of Assisi & St. Clare Meet Pope Francis.