"Become an incredible video creator"


This in-depth course covers all the key aspects of planning, shooting, and editing an incredible video. If you are a beginner, youtuber, or independent filmmaker looking to successfully create videos, then this course is made for you.


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Key Topics That Make This Course Incredible

1. Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

•    Building creative awareness
•    Self Discovery
•    Optimized daily routine
•    Life map and progress tracking
•    Emulating others success
•    Clarity of filmmaking direction
•    Creating more time for success
•    Remixing and improving skill set 

2. Understanding Pre-Production

•     Master the most misunderstood part of production
•     Successful production checklist
•     Plan and develop ideas before shooting
•     Guidelines that all films follow
•     Pre-Production process
•     Research and development
•     Creating characters, stylesheet, and shot list
•     Becoming familiar with equipment
•     Maximize filming and editing stages

3. Production In-Depth

•     Golden rules and timeless principles
•     ISO, w/b, shutter speed, latitude, and exposure
•     Mastering Your Lenses
•     Key Principles of Lighting
•     Sound Recording Fundamentals
•     Filming Fundamentals
•     Framing, shot choice, and camera movement
•     Breaking rules for desired effect
•     Cinematography theory and secrets 

4. Mastering Post-Production

•    Capturing, organizing, and creating rough edit
•    Creating unique and distinct stylizing
•    4 Main factors of knowing when to cut
•    Matching color, shape, movement
•    Montage essentials
•    When to break the rules
•    Rhythm, pacing, eye trace, and jump cuts
•    Motion graphics and text
•    Color correction and color grading


Rob Whittaker United States

Serious talent. YOU are inspiring ME to become a better video editor with videos like this.

Hans Wouters Belgium

Awesome and very valuable videos! Thanks for this, the best of luck to you from Belgium!

Theodor Boia Romania

I've been wanting to write to you for a while now. I managed to finish the Pre-Production section of you're course today and I'm simply speechless in a way. I must say I was not expecting the personal development section to be so important and yet so inspiring! This course is more of an experience, as a whole, than anything else, and I can tell it's all done with passion and dedication to help others grow! Today, I succeed in finding that bit of context that I lacked and I've actually managed to start writing a script, and I have you're wonderful work to thank for that!

Aniq Adryan Nano Singapore 

Finally found someone who clearly explains things that i need to know. Thank you for taking the time to create the tutorials & sharing your knowledge.

Mitchell Mabry United States

You're killing these short informative videos man. Thanks for cutting out all of the extra fluff and just telling us exactly what we need to know.

Dave Willie Jamaica

This course was very helpful in clarifying some concepts that I half understood, and it was enlightening in cases where I had no idea of the level of thought and kind of decision making that went into creating effects directed towards particular audience experiences. Some of the highlights for me were: really understanding exposure, using A-roll & B-roll, 180 degree rule, lighting, and work-flow in Premiere. I highly recommend it for anyone, no matter what level, who wants to understand the intricacies of Cinematography.

Bjorn Rie New Zealand

Thank you so much! I’ve lost track but this reminded me why I did this. Thanks!

Alex McLaren United States

Honestly, this is probably one of the best editing videos I've ever watched. Thank you for this!

Nathan Taylor United States

Could not be more impressed with this course. Julian gives an in-depth guide on how he creates his professional and awe-inspiring videos, showing us how to take advantage of our own unique style to produce original content. I'm blown away by the price and the quality, considering how much critical knowledge is packed into one series.

Hafizul Azeez India

Amazing tips, you are letting the secrets out man. Not many would do it these days.

Tawanda Njovu Zimbabwe

Julian you are a genius honestly the philosophy behind your videos are extra ordinary, thanks!

Lee United States

Came across your Youtube videos, which I thought were incredibly thought provoking. Don't normally buy things like this online but felt absolutely compelled to do so, and am quite blown away to be honest. Your like the Alan Watts of filmmaking!


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