A movement through sight & sound.


I have had the opportunity to collaborate and produce videos with some amazing clients over the years. These projects below are just a handful out of the many that stand out in my career as a filmmaker.


My Demoreel

This reel blends together all the pre-production, development, directing, cinematography, editing, and visual branding I've created over the last couple of years. I can't wait to put together more creative, inspiring, and impactful projects for the years to come!


Beautiful Destinations

This video was created for the BeautifulDestinations.com, coolest job in the world competition. Take a trip to 20+ locations around the world in this one minute piece. I've been wanting to create this style video for years!

Red Bull 3Style Taiwan

Red Bull’s yearly “3style World DJ Championship” took place this year in Taipei, Taiwan. My team and I was hired to travel through out city, capture the excitement of the event and the countries local culture. Here’s what happened during the project!


'Freemen' | Behind The Scenes

The idea behind this concept was to give some perspective to the countless wars that have happened on this earth. We took soldiers from different points in history, hundreds of years apart, and compressed time by putting them into the same room. We aimed to show viewers that these "soldiers" are real people, not just stories and events you read in a text book. If we can all learn to just love and let live, then one day, we will all truly be freemen.


The Violinist

The lush forests of Idyllwild, California provided the perfect backdrop for this music performance video. In the pre-planning phase, I decided to keep the cinematography as simple as possible to let Jenny O'Connor's musical talent be the main focus.

Athletes In Fashion

In this teaser, I highlight a fashionable and cinematic "day in the life" of professional basketball player Quincy Miller. Along for the ride, Quincy's best friend Isaiah Austin, and the Detroit Pistons very own Andre Drummond, who stops by for some style advice. 

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